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When it comes to painting the inside of your home, you may seek advice from friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. However, there is some advice that spread much that should be skipped. These myths often reflect in homeowner’s choices as they set out to paint the inside of their home. To help you avoid problems in the future, we at A Five Star Painting Contractors, would like to dispel a few of the most common myths we heard.

Touch Up Paint on Walls Not Matching

You will only create a color mismatch by only painting one wall after repairing damage on a wall. Following some rough housing the kids, or the slight peeling or bubbling from damaged paint, or other circumstances, people will find the necessity to repair the drywall. Where they need to repair the damage, painting after the drywall is repaired is necessary. Where it is vital to paint the wall using the exact match from what is on the walls, there is a false notion that the fresh paint on these surfaces will stand out from the rest of the wall and be obvious. Where it is very common for people to save left over paint for touchups, there is usually not enough to paint the entire room. You will find the touch ups match perfectly with the rest of the paint though the fresh, wet application may stand out, once it is dry, and the rest of the walls are wiped clean from layers of dust, the end result will be broken.

Paint Colors to Brighten a Dark Room

Whites do reflect light, and the potential for a brighter effect is highly likely. However, most agree, too much white in one room has an institutional feel and room oversaturated with light can make the brightness, too much. The unwelcoming environment can be avoided while still achieving a brighter effect. Whether it is done with accents, trim, flooring, or accessories, the white should have contrast or complementary colors thrown into the mix. Pales and pastels can achieve the brightness as well, without sacrificing the homey effect the use of lighter colors can offer.

Paint for Selling a House Interior

When it comes time to sell a home, most people do everything they can to attract the buyers. Deep floor cleaning treatments, or even replacements, and fresh paint are commonplace. To draw in a buyer, sellers reach a fresh, neutral coat of paint to make their house more appealing. A frequent mistake, however, is that they opt for the low-quality paints and half-heartedly apply it to the walls. Since most states require a home inspection service, whether it is for the lender, or other entities, the home inspection professionals can spot the low-grade paint, and in many cases, so can the potential buyers. Even if manages to escape the attention of the buyer, the home inspectors will include the notation of the poor paint quality and potential problems that can stem from it, both short term and long term. It will give the buyer more leverage to drop the asking price. If you feel the walls could use a face-lift before putting the home on the market, be sure the walls are clean, use a quality primer and most importantly, a high-quality paint, to get the job done correctly.

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